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Sarah's Gift Ideas

Sarah's Gift Idea

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Reviewed 5 stars by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

Sarah Stuart’s Illicit Passion (Royal Command Book 2) is a riveting tale of a family saga built around incest, blackmail, and the stabbings-in-the-back that take place when someone knows something that shouldn’t be known. Stuart is a storyteller who will please readers with her elegance of style. Her prose is sensual and exquisitely beautiful, and she creates characters that are as compelling as they are memorable. The story is interestingly unnerving, with enough suspense to keep readers turning the pages until the very last page, and then they will want more. This one will keep you glued to your chair until you finish it, and you’ll think about the characters for a long time afterwards.

4.9 overall rating on Amazon from 22 reviews.

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‘Will you fill my heart with music and touch me with your passion? Only you… tonight it’s only you.’ The end of the final  song in a televised concert at the Opéra Bastille, and convincing a deadly enemy that Michael and Lisette mean every word is vital if Michael’s audacious plan, to resurrect a scandal buried for almost two decades, and then deny it, is to work. Will they defeat their nemesis or will he, and the sensationalist paparazzi, win?

Pack the dishwasher for her & let her curl up with the celebrities.

£7.50 or $12.00

She's worth it, & she'll know you think so!











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