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                                                                                     Welcome to Rebecca's page.

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Living on a smallholding in Pembrokeshire, with my husband and rescue dog, I am fortunate to be surrounded by natural beauty. I am also a member of the St Davids and Solva Art Group and love to paint the coastal scenery, a passion that crosses disciplines into my debut novel, The Silence of the Stones, which is set amidst the stunning Pembrokeshire National Park.

I am fascinated by what makes people who they are. I love constructing complicated, flawed characters who have been moulded by their upbringing, life decisions and life experiences: characters with whom I can empathise and fall in love. A Native American Indian proverb reads, 'Don't judge a man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins'. I think, on reflection, I've based my life on this tenet: it certainly is core to my writing. We may not condone what a person does, but sometimes we can understand and maybe come to forgive.

I delight in stories with layers, stories within stories, and love an unexpected twist. I want to be moved to tears, made to laugh or forget my troubles. I want to discover something about myself, have my eyes opened to a subject I know nothing about or, better still, read a story that puts my life into perspective. I like to write about the things that matter to people. Justice, love, family loyalty and forgiveness feature hugely in my stories.

Proof-reading for my long-time friend, Sarah Stuart, author of Dangerous Liaisons, infected me with the writing itch some years ago. I typed Chapter One and I was hooked. Writing, and critiquing and proof-reading for one another with brutal honesty, has brought us laughter and tears, more than a few tantrums, and a closer bond than ever. We are both fortunate to have understanding husbands, who try not to complain too much when we're off on an adventure with our latest hero or heroine, and are secretly proud of what we've achieved.

My first novel, The Silence of the Stones, is set in my beloved Pembrokeshire and touches on what make us who we are, injustice, deceit and child abduction. It is available at

My second novel, Touching the Wire, published on 1st November 2014 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Holocaust Day on 27th January 2015, certainly put my own life into perspective. The research was grim, but survivors' testimonies were inspiring and I hope I have done their memory justice. Find it at

My third and latest novel, Where Hope Dares, which inspired the blog 'The boot that can crush a diamond.' is now available at  - A blog about it's writing can be found in blogs - The Birth of a Novel - proverbs and destiny. It deals with our past, touches on our present and imagines our future as we, the readers, navigate today's perilous waters.

A short story, Ooh Air Margrit is being included in an anthology, Your'e Not Alone produced in aid of MacMillan Cancer Nurses. Get it at

Another charity anthology, Holes, is free, for which I have contributed Just Another Hole in the Wall, a short story to comply with the remit, the unlikely topic of 'holes'.

I am incredibly grateful to all the readers who have left such stunning reviews and kind words about my writing on Amazon and Goodreads. You make the pain worthwhile.

To read an interview with me, as a contributor to 'You're Not Alone' charity anthology in support of Macmillan cancer nurses see Cjhristoph Fischer's blog here.

Another interview was conducted by Yelle Hughes. read the results at

I love doing interviews:


Thank you for reading - Rebecca.


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