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Questions for Sarah

Posted on


I'm happy to answer questions, or just talk about Dangerous Liaisons and the Royal Command series. Please post in comment box.

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  1. Cassie

    Hi Sarah I read Dangerous Liaisons a few months ago and I popped by to see when the next book is coming out - glad it's soon! I am puzzled though. I read both prologues for Illicit Passion and they are way different One is Lizzie talking, and the answer to the last question says Harriet will inherit the Book of Hours. The latest shows Lisette after a premiere in a Broadway theater. Will Harriet still be in the new book?

    Posted on

  2. Sarah

    Hi Rose I'm so pleased you liked Dangerous Liaisons. It will be 2015 before I publish Illicit Passion: these are complicated books to write. You could help me if you like. Illicit Passion Blog 1 is the prologue, and comments on that would be appreciated. You'll see it is from Lizzie's POV (point of view) and she's talking to Michael. That really is only a "reminder" to readers about their situation, or to "set the scene" for anyone who reads it without having read Book 1 in the series. I do intend to move on to the next generation, though not to exclusion of some of the characters you've already met. The main theme will be Harriet's story; she is the next owner of the Book of Hours. Thank you for the question, and I'm sorry I've taken so long to answer it. Blame Michael: I always do :-) Sarah

    Posted on

  3. Rose

    Hi Sarah. I loved Dangerous Liaisons even though it had me in tears by the end. When do you hope to publish Illicit Passion, and are you going to move on a generation or stay with the same characters?

    Posted on

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