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What makes the perfect bacon butty?

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What makes the perfect bacon butty?

I stopped in a lay-by near Brecon some years back and had a long discussion with the mobile snack-bar owner about this very subject as I was waiting for him to cook me one. I got it just the way I like it! Firstly, the rolls, buns or baps, depending on where you come from, have to be fresh, and for me either crusty white bread or granary… wholemeal is too dry. They have to be liberally spread on with real butter… if I’m going to be naughty once in a while and eat junk food, I want to enjoy it, dripping down my chin. The bacon has to be unsmoked, back bacon. I can smell it cooking, yum. Now to the most important part. All that fat has to be crisp, while the bacon is cooked but not browned. The best way, while turning several times is to press the fatty bits firmly down on the hot pan with the flat of a spatula, and then stand the bacon on its edge against the side of the pan to crisp the edge without overcooking the meat. It takes time and attention. When ready slap at least three slices in a bap, roll or bun and eat very hot with a nice cup of tea. I could eat one right now!

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  1. Zara-Jo Palmer

    You're making me hungry :-)

    Posted on

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